Some time ago Santa asked me for a digital marketing strategy. What he could do to better market himself on the web?

After looking at, and redesigning his website, I emailed him the following digital marketing strategy customized for him. As these tips apply to other businesses as well, I’ve shared them here. Feel free to comment on them or share your digital marketing strategy tips below.

Custom Digital Marketing Strategy For

1. Sign up for Google Keyword Planner. With this free tool, you can see what the most popular searches in Google are for “Santa Claus”, “Christmas”, “Vancouver Santa Claus”, etc., words related to what Santa does/is.

You can then incorporate these popular Santa phrases into:

  • your website’s pages to be better found (search engine optimization);
  • what search phrases to target for to advertise on Google; and
  • what blogging content you could have on your site that answers what people are searching for in relation to Santa Claus, Christmas, etc. (also search engine optimization)

2. With your site’s improved findability check if your website looks good & performs well (is it mobile friendly? speedy? etc.); is easy to read, navigate; and answers their questions with trust indicators/social proof like testimonials, qualifications, etc?. Prospective buyers judge your website by this. I subsequently redesigned in that regard.

Find out by checking your website against:

Digital Marketing Strategy Using Instagram & Social Media

3. Get on Instagram and write what you offer. Search for people on “Santa Claus”, “Christmas”, “Vancouver Santa Clause”, “Xmas fair”, etc., word phrases related to what you do. Follow these people, as they’re most likely interested in things Christmas, and comment on any Instagram posts you like from people you follow.

4. Now post pictures of you as Santa Claus that engage (i.e., is funny, entertaining, educational, etc); for example, what Santa does in the off season (mowing lawn, past events, etc.).

What you found on Google Keyword planner could also serve as ideas of what pictures you can take of as Santa. People will follow you in turn because of these pictures, especially people who like Santa Claus and Christmas.

5. You don’t always have to post pictures of yourself. Mix it up by searching for Christmas sayings, Santa Claus quotes on Google. You’ll find sites like Quote garden for this.

“Borrow” quotes. Go to, search for and download Santa Claus, Christmas images, etc. and with a superimpose the quote onto your images with source credit (where required). Now post your created images to Instagram.

6. Occasionally post images of you on Instagram with text advertising what you offer/do (i.e. your Santa services or special offer) on Instagram.

7. Repeat points 2 & 3 and also post them to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s free to open accounts with them. Consider doing short videos, slideshow videos as well to further diversify your content and post these on Facebook & twitter. Search for Santa Claus on or make your own giphys there to download and post as well (check for copyright rules before posting though).

8. Search for Christmas and Santa Clause themed websites. You can then ask these websites to link to your website.

9. Monitor Craiglists > Gigs using for gigs that mention they’re looking for Santa for their upcoming events. Ifttt will automatically notify you when Santa Claus gigs are posted. Post your services on Craigslist and Kijji, too.

10. Go to, Yahoo Answers and Search for Santa Claus and Christmas. Participate and answer any questions posted about Santa, Christmas, etc. Can then indirectly advertise your services there.

11. Similarly, search in LinkedIn Groups, Facebook groups, Google groups for Santa Claus & Christmas themed groups and contribute there. Especially in LinkedIn, also search for industry groups that likely might be interested in your services like event planners, hotel, restaurants, etc. in LinkedIn groups.

12. Write a PDF book on something interesting about Santa Claus. Potential ideas for your book can come from what people frequently ask you about Santa Claus. You can then use it as a giveaway (or sell) on your website and on Amazon to help advertise your services.

13. Consider Facebook and LinkedIn advertising for your services. You can target your ads to show only to people most interested in your services by job title like event planners, hotel management in Facebook and LinkedIn and interests (e.g. People who indicate they’re interested in Santa Claus, Christmas on Facebook).

Some Offline Marketing Strategies For

14. Go to and design and buy a car sign advertising your Santa Claus services and your website address. If you drive around a lot, it’s free advertising for your services.

15. Contact Business Improvement Associations and let their members know about your Santa Claus Services. Certain members like restaurants might be interested once they’re aware of your services. Same thing with Chamber of Commerces.

Finally, here are some of my past blog posts that go into greater detail on how to do some of the above points:

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What are your thoughts on this post? If you have any comments or questions, please write them below. We welcome and appreciate your opinions.

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