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The Ecommerce & Mobile Commerce Opportunity

Ecommerce has really taken off. People are buying everything online now from tickets to services to even meals, especially during this time.

Fuelling ecommerce is mobile commerce (opens in a new window). Everyone has a smartphone or tablet and can buy from local businesses, like restaurants, from where ever they are.

This growth represents a terrific opportunity for you to sell your products and services online (opens in a new window). For example, more businesses now offer buy-online-and-pick-up-at-store to better serve their customers (e.g.,, etc).

Your Small Business Ecommerce Store Low Risk Offer

We will add a basic ecommerce store to your existing website to sell up to four of your products or services online for introductory price of  $299 $97!

Scale your ecommerce store as it generates more business for you.  We can incrementally add more products or services to your online store at $80 per item in most cases.  Reduced pricing for bulk items may also be available.  Please ask for details if you want to add items in bulk to your store.

Note: American buyers or paying in US dollars get roughly 20%+ discount, depending on the current rate of exchange.

Ideal for any business, salons to dentists to chiropractors can now sell their products online. Service providers like contractors and therapists can also sell their services online, too.

Act now and we’ll add an ecommerce store to your site for only $97.  Don’t miss out! Your competitors are beginning to offer online ordering. Why aren’t you?

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Our Ecommerce Store Guarantee

We guarantee you will be happy with your ecommerce store or we will take it down at any time for any reason on request—at no cost.

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