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What’s Content Marketing & Why Do It?

Content marketing is posting online content of interest to your target customers that they visit your website.

Content marketing thus drives traffic to your site, markets your business and increases your sales in the process.

How Content Marketing Increases Your Business


Once people view your content, they’ll see you as an expert in your industry and browse your website to get full details of your content.

As people browse your site, they’ll see your site’s ‘trust indicators’ (testimonials, info about your business, other informative content, your offers, samples, guarantees, etc.), which conveys that your site and business are reputable.

As a result, from first searching for and then finding your content in the search results, they will be more likely to contact you to do business.


Why Let Us Do Content Creation and Marketing For You

You need to post content consistently to get traffic to your website for people to notice, trust and engage with your business.

Also, search engines & social media, like YouTube, Facebook, etc., reward you for posting consistently with higher ranking in their newsfeeds.

But content creation and marketing can be time consuming.  Deciding on what content to create, format (Blog? Video? Recommend both) and researching, writing and creating content takes time.  You’re likely busy enough as is running your business.

We can save you time on coming up with topic ideas, researching them and creating content for the topics.  We can help you there and more.

More importantly, we create content that answers what people search for online for your industry.

This factor is important.  Knowing and answering what people searches for increases chances that your content ranks well in search—and thus gets you found, which drives traffic to your website, increases your leads and ultimately, your sales!

Want to know what to blog about so you get traffic to your website?  Fill out the contact form below with your website URL or industry and we’ll email you what people are actually searching on Google related to your industry. 

Blogging and Video Marketing Content Starting From $63!


Choose from the options below.  Combine and/or change the options at any time to maximize your marketing.  We recommend you consistently have at least one new blog post, if not two, per month in order to rank well on the search engines and social media newsfeeds over time.

Note, in choosing your blog options, search engines tend to rank longer written articles higher over shorter ones, all things equal, due to former’s more detailed coverage on the same topic.

Note also search engines and social media tend to favour videos because people engage with video more.  This is why we included your first landscape and square videos for FREE.  These videos can be used to open accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, etc.  to also market your business on these popular social media as well.  More videos will get you higher rankings quicker if you can budget for several videos per month.

Vlog Your Blog For YouTube Starting From $25


If you have blog posts, let us convert them into videos for you.  You can then market your business on YouTube, the 2nd most popular search engine, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, etc.  Free YouTube SEO checklist and subscribe button are included to maximize your success on YouTube.

We can create a video summarizing each of your blog posts for only $25 per 30 seconds of video.  Tell us how long you want each video to be and we’ll create them and add an intro to each.  The intro add on is free and included to maximize viewer retention, drive traffic to your site and maximize your video SEO.

How long should videos of your blog posts be?  YouTube finds viewer interest generally begins to wane after 3+ minutes of watching a video, not including the intro add on.  We frame your blog post content into appropriate types of video shown to maximize viewer watch times so can getaway with longer videos.  These type of videos could be listing your blog posts’ main points or how to steps, telling a story or case study, teaching a concept or idea or answering a question, etc.

Text-to-Audio, Start Your Own Podcast!

Just provide us with text on any topic and we’ll convert the text into an audio file with a professional voice over.  Choose from various male or female voices.  Here are Alicia’s and Dan’s voices as examples:  



Please contact us below if interested.  Rates are $30 per every 170 words (roughly one minute+ of video).  This could open up podcast content marketing for your business.  You’ll reach new audiences on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, etc., minus the time and expense of producing your own podcasts.

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