Why Marketing Videos for Your Business?


People prefer watching videos to get information.  It’s why videos get more views and engagement and also why Google and Facebook now favour videos in its search rankings.  For these reasons, consider marketing your business or organization with video to better increase your visibility and sales.

Client Video Portfolio

Sample of marketing, branding & educational videos done for clients

Our Process to Making Good Marketing Videos For You


1. Tell us what you want to say in your video

It can be sales copy, business info, powerpoint notes, anything that educates people about your products, services, specials or offers.  Email them with any optional images to us. You can also send us any voice over track of your script too.

2. A video is created for your feedback

A video is created for you with or without voice over and background music based on your script and any images.
We’ll also suggest ways to optimize your video so that your video message resonates.


3. Let us know of any changes to your video

We’ll edit your video as per your feedback, subject to a maximum number of edits.  Things we can edit include company logo as a watermark; animated intros & outros; CTA offer, voice over, contact info.

4. Approve your video

Your video can be ready in as little as a week.  Add your finished video to your website & social media.  Start video marketing of your business on YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine after Google, & drive traffic to your website & business.

Try Us Out: Your First Video is only $27!

Marketing Videos for a business in progressGive us your first 75 words, and we’ll create a square video out of it with supporting images and music for only $27!

At 75 words, it’s enough time to do an 30+ second ad promoting your business; a TV commercial is typically 30 seconds long.

Note, though optional, we recommend including an irresistible call-to-action in your video to maximize your chances of getting customers to contact you.

Subsequent Videos

Give us what you want to say in your video and we’ll create a video (sales, explainer, how to video, etc. depending on content) out of it in your choice of square or landscape format with supporting images and music.

Rates for creating videos where you supply us text start at:

  • $97 for 100 words;
  • $149 Canadian* for first minute+ (140 words);
  • $199 for 2 minutes+;
  • $249 for up to 3 minutes+;
  • $40 per minute+ thereafter.

Optional Pay Upgrades For Subsequent Videos
(Special Pricing for Upgrading Your 1st Video Also Available)

  • Add a voice over to your video for $20 per every 150 words
  • Add an animated intro, $27
  • Add your company logo as a watermark, $15
  • Add landscape or square version to best fit your Facebook, Instagram, etc., $15
  • Upgrade to landscape 1080p for television broadcasting, $75 flat
  • Remove the “Video by Noticedwebsites“, $15

If you have any spokesperson videos we can add subtitles, B roll and music to them for only $25* per every 30 seconds of video.

Best Value: Monthly Video—with Blogging—Online Branding From $66!*

An example of a video that educates and markets: Four reasons why you should consider regularly marketing your business with video for less than you thought.

Let us know what you want your videos to be about.  We’ll then research, write out content and create two teaser videos from the content for you.  You can also use the content as a blog post for your website.

With the options in this plan, start a blog and vlog (i.e., video blogging) for your business!  And use the videos in this plan’s options to start video marketing on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  

Marketing videos for business combined with blogging are a great way to drive traffic to your website.  Subsequent videos start for as little as $30 per minute, depending on blog article length, means you can scale your video marketing to increase your social reach, visibility—and sales.

Visit our Content Marketing Page (opens in a new window) for full details on this plan.

*Note: Pay in US dollars and get approximately 20% off the Canadian price depending on the current rate of exchange.

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