by Phil Chow

Not all testimonials are equal

For instance, which testimonials are most believable?

  • Video testimonials?
  • Audio testimonials (with or without a picture of the speaker)?
  • Text with picture testimonials? or
  • Text only testimonials?

It’s probably video testimonials because it shows someone was willing to be on video to endorse a business.

That’s also why audio and text with picture testimonials are the next most believable. In audio testimonials, someone was willing to talk about a business. In text with picture testimonials, someone was willing to share a picture of themselves to confirm what they said in the testimonial.

Text only testimonials are the least believable because the text can be easily made up with no picture or audio of someone to back up the text. But that doesn’t mean text testimonials shouldn’t be used at all. They can serve as effective social proof of your business, if they’re part of at least six or more testimonials, text or otherwise.

The testimonials dilemma

Though the best, the problem with video testimonials is they are the hardest type to get, followed by audio testimonials and text with picture testimonials with text only testimonials the easiest.

Why? Not every satisfied customers will be willing to ideally, do a video testimonial for you. Customers may have privacy concerns or simply don’t want to be in front of a camera.

Maximizing your testimonials strategy

The best way then, to maximizing your testimonials is to ask all your customers to do a video testimonial. If they say no, then ask them for an audio testimonial, next a text with a picture testimonial to a text only testimonial until they say yes to one or no to all.

That way you maximize each of your video, audio, text with picture and text only testimonials and thus, your total number of testimonials in the process. If they say no to your video testimonial request, they’re then more likely to say yes to one of your other types of testimonials.

Maximizing each gives you plenty of testimonials that you can then place on your website as social proof of your business.

Maximizing your sales effect

By maximizing your testimonials, you also maximize turning more of your leads into your customers. Potential customers will be swayed by the high number of testimonials you have, regardless of type of testimonial.

Your testimonials response rate

After all said and done to maximizing your testimonials, remember it’s a numbers game. It takes time to build up a sizeable number of testimonials for your business. Most customers will not leave you a testimonial despite being asked to. If you make a three percent plus testimonial response rate over the long-term, you actually have an excellent response rate.

Testimonials and reviews go together in converting leads into customers—and sales—for your business, so watch for our next post Maximizing your reviews and sales, part two, in the near future.
Are there other ways you can think of maximizing your testimonials?  What are your thoughts on this post? If you have any comments or questions, please write below. We welcome and appreciate your opinion!


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