Keywords are what people type into search engines like Google in order to find information related to their search.   Hence, it’s important that you optimize your website and social media pages with the most popular searched keywords to maximize the chances that people find you.

Here’s a way you can find keywords for your website, social media pages, posts, etc. that will do just that:

Find Keywords with Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Go to Google’s Free Keyword Ad Tool (opens in a new window). This tool shows you the average monthly number of searches done in Google for a given keyword.

Under Match Types on the left, click on “Phrases” and under Advanced Options and Filters, choose All Countries and All Languages if you do business globally.  Otherwise choose your business’ country and  language if your customers are mostly local.

If you sign up for this tool (it’s free to sign up), you will get 800 search results instead of the standard 100.

Next, type in keyword(s) that describe what your business does and click on search. Google returns a list of keyword phrases related to the keyword(s) typed in. Note those keyword phrases most relevant to your business that have 1,500 monthly searches or more, which shows they are popular searches.  Ignore the “Competition” column as it refers to the number of competitors advertising on the keyword phrase, not how many websites are optimized for that phrase.

How to Vet Your Keyword List

Now search each noted keyword phrase one at a time into Google’s search engine in double quotes (i.e. “keyword phrase1”, etc.).   Further shortlist those keyword phrases that return 35,000 or less competing websites (see Google’s “About xxx results (xxx seconds)” just above the returned search results), and discard the rest.  You’ve now identified the most relevant, searched keywords for your business that have the least number of competing websites.

Finally, divide each of these identified keyword phrases’ number of searches by their corresponding website count.  The higher the resulting number, the better.   Further shortlist these keywords that have the highest resulting numbers.

Congratulations! You’ve now have a list of the “right” keywords to optimize your website and social media pages for.  In a future article, I will show you how to strategically incorporate these keywords into your website and social media pages.   In the meantime feel free to comment or ask any questions on this article below and we will be happy to answer them.

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