This blog post shows you what and why ebooks make great marketing tools for businesses. It also shows you what to write about and how to write your ebook so that people download or buy your ebook. Included towards the end of this post is a link to a downloadable ebook and flipbook.

Everybody is an expert on something that they can write about in an ebook today.

Why Ebook Marketing?

Ebook marketing works because you make the ebook just once and can distribute copies of it at zero cost. People can easily download them, print and share them if it’s in PDF, which markets your business.

By reading your ebook, people get to see you’re an expert in your field, see your branding, links to your website and contact information each time they read your ebook. This builds awareness of your business and drives traffic to your website.

Ebook’s Marketing Features

Ebooks have many unique features that market your business in that they are:

  • interactive; you can add clickable links to your website, video, email, map phone or call to action offers to contact you in PDF format;
  • has perceived value that people will give their contact information for in exchange for your ebook. You can even sell it on your website and on ebook marketplaces;
  • if it’s in PDF format, people who download your ebooks can readily share them, marketing your business on your behalf;
  • keeps you top-of-mind in that people can read and refer to it many times without having to be on your website or social media; and
  • projects that you’re an expert in your field, building trust of your business.

All this subtly markets your business, making potential customers more likely to choose your business when they’re ready to buy.

Easy Distribution for Easy Marketing

Ebooks can easily be distributed in a number of ways to market your business.

Most businesses give them away for free in exchange for an email address to build a list of leads that they can later market to since it costs nothing to copy. Upon submitting their email, people are taken to a download page or emailed a link to download your ebook.

Other businesses may choose to give away them as a free direct download on their website.

Another way, If your ebook’s topic is in demand, is to sell it on your website and on ebook market places like Amazon Kindle (in MOBI format) to market your business this way.

Other ways you can distribute your ebook to market your business are:

  • display a download link to it on all your social media profiles and posts;
  • as an QR code added to your marketing materials like flyers, posters, etc. (“Download my latest ebook on ABC subject”);
  • feature a portion or chapter of your ebook on your website or as a short post to entice people to download it; and
  • as part of an ad to sell or sign up for your ebook to build a list.

What to Write About In Your Ebook

1. Find Out via Google

The best way know what your ebook should be on is to find out what the most popular searches are related to your business in Google and then write quality content that answers these searches. This maximizes your chances that people will find your ebook valuable and want to download it.

Here’s an article I wrote that goes into detail on how to find the most popular searches people are entering into Google to write about.

2. Or Combine Your Blog Posts into an Ebook

Another way is, If you have an blog, combine your blog posts into one ebook. Each post could be a chapter in it or rewritten in greater detail as a chapter. This is a great way to quickly create your ebook by using content you already have, your blog.

3. Or Choose Topics of Interest to Your Leads

You could also simply write about what you know on common questions people ask of your business or what you think they should know about or would find interesting to read about related to your business. Usually these are how to topics. For example, for a business, your ebook could be a case study, a check list, instructional how to, or a combination. For a restaurant, you could write a recipe book, how to cook certain cuisines, etc.

Creating Your Ebook

Regardless of how you came up with your ebook topic, make sure it has educational value to so people read it, keep it for reference to reread again and possibly share it with others. To write your ebook, write it in:

Ebook marketing, an ebook on a reader
  • short paragraphs
  • bullet points
  • simple vocabulary
  • generous use of headings and subheadings
  • cite examples to illustrate points
  • link to outside sources
  • link to your website and contact information
  • generous use of images to illustrate points
  • for longer ebooks, a linkable table of contents for convenient navigation.

With these above features, people will then be more likely to read your ebook from start to finish.

When you’ve finished writing your ebook, in most cases, save it as an PDF. PDF preserves your formatting and layout. It’s interactive and it’s best with ebooks that have any images in it. PDFs are also easily downloadable from your website and social media to be later read and printed.

If you would like to also sell your ebook on marketplaces like Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books, you’ll need to save it as a MOBI file for Amazon Kindle and as a EPUB format for most other ebook platforms.

MOBI file format is specific to Amazon. EPUB is a universal ebook file format. Both formats reflow your ebook’s layout to fit a given ereader’s screen size, so you might need an ebook creation software that designs in these formats.

Book Covers Market Your Ebooks

You’ll also need to create a book cover image for your ebooks. Book covers visually tell people what your ebook is about, so it’s important to have one because it helps market your ebook.

There are specialized software to create book covers that you can search for. Basic ones are free. One popular one is Canva as it can design many types of graphics including book covers.

Ebook marketing book cover

Here is an example of an ebook created from combining two past blog posts, How to Create Spokesperson Videos to Market Your Business and Make Marketing Videos Using Just Your Smartphone. Just click on its 3D book cover to download it.

Further is a flip book version of this book (best viewed on desktop). Flip books can be added to any website. Note that while videos links work in PDF, they do not work on flip book format by default.

Like Noticedwebsites to create an ebook for you?

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In Conclusion

In summary, ebooks can better market your business. They can:

  • be easily distributed for free or sold;
  • can build your list to market to;
  • brand your business;
  • build trust and authority in your business as you’re sharing your knowledge for free;
  • include clickable links so that people can conveniently click through to contact you; and
  • are portable; people can have a copy of your ebook and read it more than once at their leisure, without necessarily having to be on your website and social media, which subtly markets your business, keeping you top-of-mind when people ready to buy.

Thank you for reading this post to the end. I hope you found it informative.

Feel free to ask any questions or comment below and share it with others who might find this article useful. I welcome your comment, feedback and ideas.

You’re also welcome to contact me directly if have any questions about ebook marketing or on any aspect of your business today by contacting me. My email and phone number are listed in the footer section below.

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