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Phil at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA

Hi! My name is Phil.  I own, an affordable web design company for small business, organizations and individuals. I help all succeed online.

I’m based in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, BC and serve clients locally and all over the world.

My team and I can design or redesign a website for you that:

  1. gets you found online
  2. impresses visitors to your website that your business is professional and reputable and
  3. converts them into your customers.

Browse my portfolio of 50+ web design examples below that I can customize for you.  Click on their thumbnails to see them in greater detail and contact me further below for your free consultation and design mockup of a design you like for your business, organization or one person shop!


Why Noticedwebsites As Your Affordable Web Design Company?

Your website looks great, impressing visitors to your website.

Loyalty discounts if you buy our other services, now and in the future.

Your website meets Google for SEO, security & is mobile friendly.

Great customer service; we listen to what you want in designing your website.

Your website has addons, like social media share buttons and more, to help convert visitors into leads.

We give you free marketing tips to grow your business.

Like A Web Design Customized For You? Here’s How:

Get a FREE Done-For-You Mock Web Page of Your Business
Step 1. Tell Us Which Web Design You Like and We Will Build You a Mock Page of Your Business on that Design

Tell us what design you like and we’ll design a home page of your business on that design with any text and
images you supply us (or we can provide them as well) for free to try us out.   Then, if you like to continue on, go to Step 2 to
choose from one of the web design plans below:

Step 2. Choose Your Web Design Plan

DIY Plan: For DIYers who want to design their own website, we’ll set up your design for you for $500 $425.  You can then use the Gutenberg drag and drop page builder to switch out the design’s text and images with your own. Comes with learning resources and some support.

*MOST POPULAR* PLAN: We setup and design your website for you starting from $1,200 $600 for three pages.  Get a further $100 off and pay starting from $500 if you we host, secure and maintain your website for you.

Premium Plan: We’ll design your website from scratch starting from $1,600 for three pages to your specifications.

Note: Membership websites like online course sites start at a higher design price due to their design complexity.  Qualify for a further discount on any of the above plans if we host your website for you. Our hosting plan includes making sure your website is secure, maintained, staged, backed up and more. 

Step 3. Agree On a Price and We Start Building Your Website For You

Depending on plan selected, type of website (simple or complex), how many pages, what addons to your site (see below) and if you like us to host and maintain your website (we will give you a discount on any of the above plans for hosting), we quote you a price.  A 50% deposit is required before we start designing your website.

Optional Step: Add an Online Store to Your Website for Only $360 More

Make your website do more than just provide information about your business.  Make it generate revenue for you.  More people are buying online than ever before.  Add ecommerce to your site so that people can buy right from your site 24/7 for an $360 investment.  Visit ecommerce to learn more about adding this useful feature to your site.

Addons For Your Website

Addons are apps that add extra functionality to your website to help convert visitors to your websites into leads.  Note some addons are free and others may have a setup fee and/or recurring charge, such as adding gamification to your website.  Some addons that you can choose to add to your website include:

  • online booking
  • a customer loyalty rewards program
  • gamification (e.g. spin a virtual roulette wheel for a prize, discount, consult, etc.)
  • social media share buttons so visitors to your website can share your site with their friends
  • live stream 5 star reviews like this website has below to show visitors to your website that you have many satisfied customers
  • call to action, alerts, countdown timers, pop-ups, info bars, etc. for announcements, promotions, sign-ups, coupon codes, flash sale, etc.
NoticedWebsites in Richmond's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Seal

Our Guarantee

We will custom design a home page of your business for free on a design you like on our servers.  This includes one round of revisions from your feedback.

You are not obliged to go further after the revision if you are not satisfied or simply do not wish to continue.

Call *OR* Fill Out the Contact Form Below For Your Free Web Design Mockup Or Phone Consultation

Call or text us today to get your free design mockup or get your questions answered in a free discovery call.

You can also arrange a call back by leaving a phone or text message with your preferred date(s) and time(s) to call you OR
fill out the contact form below and we will confirm a call back time for you.  Note we are located in the Pacific Standard Time zone.

Any Questions? Fill Out This Contact Form to Schedule A Call Back For Answers Or To Get Your Free Web Design Mockup

If you like a free, no obligation consult to get your questions answered, please fill out this contact form to schedule a call back or email reply.

You can also get your free web design mockup by filling out what design you like and your type of business you are in on this form.


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