What’s Online Reputation Marketing and Why Do It

It’s getting customers to write online testimonials and reviews of you so that potential customers read them and see that they can trust doing business with you.

Why do it?  People now regularly research a business’ online reputation in deciding who to buy from and they’ll often buy based on who has the most recent online testimonials and reviews.  The last updated BrightLocal Study found 82% of consumers read online reviews for local business and converts searchers into leads (opens in a new window).

As well, online reputation is one of the criteria Google uses to rank your website. This means the more recent online testimonials and reviews you have, the higher Google tends to rank your site in its search results when people search for your business.

Getting Online Testimonials & Reviews Conundrum

The problem is it’s hard to get customers to leave you online feedback in practice. They promise to leave you testimonials and reviews, but many forget or never get around to it.

The 5 Star Online Reputation Marketing Solution

Our 5 Star Online Reputation marketing software maximizes online reviews of your business, thus increasing your search ranking, traffic and sales.

It does this by customers scan an QR code with their phones’ cameras, contactlessly!  The code takes them to a review form where they conveniently leave you reviews right from their phones.

It then streams the reviews onto your website.  Visitors thus see a live stream of your reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook & others, like on this website. This shows proof of satisfied customers which tips people to buy from you.

Many visitors visit online review sites to check on businesses’ online reputation to help them decide who to buy from.  Many buy based on which businesses have the most recent positive reviews across Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, etc.  So the more positive reviews you have on these sites than your competitors, the more likely they will buy from you over them. That is why you need to maximize your online reviews across these sites. Plus,  maximizing your online reviews boosts your Google search ranking.

How to Maximize Your Online Reviews

To maximize customers leaving you online reviews, ask them to do so at completion of sale.  This when they are most likely to leave you feedback—not later when they may forget or never get around to it, despite best intentions.

By collecting reviews in this way, Google will “notice” you regularly collect reviews across online review sites.  They will thus rank you higher in their search engine results, which will lead to more traffic and business for you.

Online reputation marketing: QR code card

Note: If customers can’t/won’t leave you online feedback at time of sale, only then give them your QR code on a card.  We can supply you with a template like the one above with your QR code and branding to give to these customers (see our offer further below).  Encourage them to leave you feedback at their earliest convenience.  Follow up to remind them if necessary.  Also, stress the importance of this for your business and appreciation for doing so increases  the chances they will later leave you online feedback.

The video below shows how the 5 Star Review Software works.  Note you do NOT have to setup the software and email your customers as this video suggests.  We set everything up for you.  You can then easily collect online reviews and stream them to your site.  Visitors see the stream of your many satisfied customers as social proof of your business, boosting your sales.  Read our satisfaction guarantee below and sign up for your free 30 day trial today after watching the video.

Satisfaction guaranteed badge | Noticedwebsites

Get Your QR Review Codes and/or Try Our 5 Star Software Free 30 Day Guarantee

We will set up QR codes linking to your choice of various online review sites like Google Reviews for $99* Canadian.  Put these QR codes on your signage and marketing materials.  We also give you business card review templates, branded with your business to print off to give to customers.

Customers can then scan the codes on their phones to easily leave you reviews. No touch!  This maximizes your number of online reviews, thereby increasing your Google search ranking, social proof and sales.

In addition, get online reviews live streaming on your website to show immediate social proof to prospective customers to your site.  Sign up below to try our 5 Star Online Reputation Marketing Software free for 30 days.  The above $99 fee is waived to $0 for signing up.

After 30 days, pay only $80 $59 Canadian per month* (Before the trial ends, a reminder email is sent to you asking if you would like to continue). *Save approximately 20%+ off if paying in US dollars.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.   On request, you can cancel the 5 Star Software at any time and not pay any further beginning the next month.

Phil Chow, Founder and Owner of NoticedWebsites.com

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