This article shows you a unique Food Delivery Apps Customer Strategy that actually grows your restaurant business without losing money (or making marginal profits) after paying the apps’ commission fees each time.

Restaurants have especially been hit hard by the pandemic.

They’ve had to pivot, signing on to various food delivery and takeout apps to drum up takeout business to compensate for dine in restrictions and shutdowns.

Still, many restaurants are barely surviving because they make very little on app generated takeout orders after paying the apps’ commissions (opens in a new window) .

However, restaurants can reverse this—and even grow their business—by following this unique food delivery apps customer strategy that I outline below:

How the Strategy Works

In this strategy, you use the apps to generate a flow of new customers to your restaurant.

You then use this as an opportunity to retain these new customers by turning them into repeat buyers who order takeout directly from you next time—not from the apps.

This saves you on future commissions and also grows your business in the process. The latter because you’re increasing your customer base by adding new customers to it from the food delivery restaurant and takeout apps.

The following video below shows you how to carry this out. It shows you how to turn new customers into repeat buyers, who buy from you again and again, thereby growing your restaurant business.

The video also shows you a bonus tip at the end on how to facilitate customers placing orders online with you.

(This strategy can also be applied to any business too, especially ones that depend on repeat business For instance, use Groupon to generate new customers and you can then retain these leads into repeat buyers as well).

Use Test Messaging with the Food Delivery Apps Customer Strategy

But how do you actually get customers to order directly from you next time?

Don’t rely on chance that they’ll order from you next time just by asking them to! They could just as easily order from food delivery apps already on their phones for your restaurant or for your competitors next time.

With Food Delivery Apps Customer Strategy, person reads restaurant's marketing text messages.

The way to get them to order directly from you next time is to use text messaging in combination with the Food Delivery Apps Customer Strategy.

Using text messaging with restaurant apps increases the effectiveness of this Food strategy.

That’s because people always have their phones on them so most will read any incoming text messages within minutes of receiving texts.

By using text marketing, you’ll thus always be able to reach them and they’ll always see your messages, as long as you don’t over contact them. That’s a lot better open rate compared to emailing customers.

Text messaging markets your restaurant to them so it keeps you top-of-mind whenever they’re ready to order their next meal.

The video above also shows you how to attract customers to sign up to receive your “top-of-mind” texts.

And it shows you how to entice customers to order directly from you next time so that you don’t have to rely on chance.

In addition, text messaging is very affordable. Rates start as low as $10-$15 USD per month.

Plus, setting up text messaging for your restaurant or any business is easy as well.

You can can try text messaging out for FREE free through this affiliate link You’ll find it increases your restaurant’s business or can stop using it after 30 days.

Bonus: Turn Your Restaurant Website into a Mobile App on Customers’ Phones

Related to this unique strategy, learn how to turn your website into a mobile app on your customers’ phones. This makes it convenient for customers to place orders with you right from their phones, generating repeat business for your restaurant.


You now have a way to always generate new customers & convert them into repeat buyers. This unique strategy expands your customer base and thus grow your restaurant business!

What do you think of using food delivery apps with text messaging in this way?  Do you think this strategy will better market your restaurant or business during this trying time? 

Feel free to comment or ask any questions on this strategy below and share this post to others who may find this information useful for them.  I welcome your feedback and ideas.

You’re also welcome to contact me directly if have any questions with this or any aspect of your business today.

I hope your found this blog post useful and thank you for reading this article to the very end.

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