Written by Phil Chow

One frustration in registering a domain name for your website is that the name you want is often already registered.

So what do you do? You could go down your list of alternative domain names for your website and search each one’s availability.  The problem with this is the domain name you eventually end up with may leave you feeling that you’ve settled for a name rather than the one you really wanted.

Registering a domain name that you want modification strategy

This maybe stating the obvious, but there is a way to get your desired domain name even if it’s already registered. That way is to add word(s) to this domain name, as this increases your chances that you get the domain name that you really want, albeit in a modified form.

For example, I’m in the process of designing a website for a client right now. She tried to register Happy Paws, her desired domain name for her website. Not surprisingly, it was already registered on the most popular extensions (i.e. dot com, dot net and dot ca extensions, etc). She even contacted the owner of the domain name HappyPaws.com to see about buying it. Unfortunately, he wanted five figures for the name; needless to say, she did not buy it!

I suggested she try adding words that go with HappyPaws.  By using her imagination, she was able to come up with a list of domain names that included “HappyPaws”. Some names she came up with included:

  • HappyPawsServices
  • HappyPawsDogs
  • GrrrtHappyPaws
  • HappyPawsDogPack
  • HappyPawsK9s
  • HappyPawsPatrol, etc. etc.

When she did a domain search on each of the above names, she found most were available on most of the extensions, if not available on the dot com extension. She then chose to register the domain name that best fit her business, and which also met the criteria of being easy to spell and remember for her potential customers.

So next time you find that your desired domain name is taken, try adding words to it.  You may find that you’ll get a good compromise of your desired domain name without having to go through your list of alternative domain names.

You can try out this domain naming strategy by using Domaintyper below:

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