by Phil Chow

As I mentioned on my portfolio page I recently designed a one page website template that has multiple sections in it, like a Contact section and an About Us section.

This template is easy to customize. You can add sections to it and layout these sections in many different ways. The sections can also be inked to other pages of the website if desired.  As a result, a website based on this template can be designed to have many different looks.

One page web design

This template is also well suited to creating a one page website layout, now a popular web design trend because people are increasingly surfing the web from their tablets and smartphones’ touch screens. With a one page web design layout, people can conveniently scroll down to read each web page section rather than having to click on a menu link or page link to go to another page on the website.

Types of web design features

As well, this template offers a lot of built in web design features.  It has the following features, to name a few, that can be designed into a website:

  • Call to Action
  • Video Slider
  • Slideshow
  • Pricing Table
  • Countdown Timer
  • Shop
  • Gallery
  • and many more.

In all, up to twenty four web design features can be included into a website from this template.

A versatile web design template

These section building blocks and web design features makes this template versatile.  The template can be used to design many type of websites. Portfolio websites, blogging websites, profile websites and e-commerce websites to websites that have any combination of these functions can be created from this template.

For example, to see some of the web design features live just click on the image below (opens to another website):


Web design feature demo at

If you like some of these web design features designed into a website for you, contact me and I will be happy to design a cutting edge website for you with the features you want.


What are your thoughts on this post? If you have any comments or questions, please write below. We welcome and appreciate your opinion! Free consultation is also available if you like to talk in detail about this or any other web-related subject.

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