Gtown. What is it?

It’s a suite of free marketing ideas for small business that you can use to market your business with.

You can create the following ideas/offers in Gtown:

  • coupons
  • flyers
  • Facebook promotional posts
  • Twitter promotional tweets and
  • Emailing marketing templates.

that you can then embed to your website, print off, email, post or tweet, all for free!

To use these free marketing ideas for small business tools, sign up to create your Gtown account with your name, email and password. You can then access your Gtown Dashboard.

The Gtown Marketing ideas for Small Business Dashboard

Once you’ve signed up or logged into your Gtown dashboard, create your coupon, flyer, Facebook promotional post, Twitter promotional tweets or email marketing templates offers from your dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can also track the number of customers, redemptions made and revenues generated from your past offers.

Creating a Gtown Offer

It’s easy to create a flyer, coupon, post, tweet or email template offers with Gtown. The basic steps are:

  1. sign up or log into your account
  2. create your offer or choose from a variety of suggested offer templates like 25% OFF Entire Purchase or ONLY $49 for this service, limited time only, etc.
  3. customize your offer to your liking by entering information into a form
  4. click on the Create Offer button and

choose to add your offer to your website, print a flyer, post to Facebook or Twitter or email to your customer list or Get More Claims For This Offer. The latter is the only thing you have to pay for in Gtown, everything else is free.

Whatever you choose, Gtown shows you the steps to embed your offer to your website, print off or email to your customer list or post to your Facebook or Twitter accounts (or create one, if you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account).

Gtown Easily Creates an Customer Email List For You

You may have heard the money is in the list?

What’s great about Gtown is you can create customer email lists with it. You can set Gtown up so that people have to enter their email address in order to claim your offers. With this, you can then market to them with future offers to generate repeat business whenever you choose the email to your customer list option.

Gtown securely stores these email addresses in your account.

Here’s an slideshow on Gtown showing how you can set up offers for your business:

Gtown Support

There’s a “Getting Started Guide” in your dashboard, should you need any help or you can email support. Unfortunately, email support isn’t very good. Luckily, Gtown is so easy to use that likely won’t need any help beyond the Getting Started Guide.

Gtown Extras

If that isn’t enough, Gtown also offers free online marketing guides for restaurants, another for salons, etc. These guides offer many handy tips to help market your business.

Plus, Gtown also has a local business directory and a promotional idea section. Both are free. With the directory, you can submit your business info and Gtown created coupons there under the city you’re in.

So, why not take advantage of Gtown’s marketing ideas for small business tools for your business? It’s a very easy to use that’ll help increase your business today.
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