Why Make Real Estate Listing Videos?

Why real estate listing videos?  We’re visual creatures.  Stats show people engage with video way more over reading text with pictures alone.  Here are some selected stats:

  • including video on a page increases conversion by 80%;
  • after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online and
  • the cost and hassle of creating videos has come down considerably with better technology.

Source (updated for 2020): SupplyGem.com, 300+ Video Marketing Statistics (2020) (opens in a new window) and a detailed infographic on Video Marketing Statistics for 2020 (opens in a new window).

Thus, real estate listing videos can be a great way to market your listings.  They’re the perfect complement to traditional online and offline real estate listing ads.

So, how do you make sure your real estate listing videos engages potential viewers to your videos?

Keys to Making Engaging Real Estate Listing Videos

Obviously, your real estate listing video needs to feature your listings in the best light.  Declutter, apply fresh coat of paint and home stage then take pictures of the home. If needed, taken pictures can be improved on using a tool like BoxBrownie (opens in a new window).  These two steps ensure that the pictures pop when they’re brought into the listing video.

1.  Opening Visual and Text That Grabs Attention & Interest

A real estate listing video’s opening visual and text are crucial.  Like a headline, it has to capture potential viewers’ attention so that they will watch the video.

The opening visual is usually how the home looks from the outside to highlight its curb appeal or alternatively, the home’s best or most unique feature.

Text in the opening visual should answer viewers most immediate questions about a listing.  These are usually the listing’s number of bedrooms, bath, footage, location and amenities.  Include enticing adjectives in the opening text, too, like “Spacious”, “You’ll love…”, “Rare”, “Cozy”, etc. in the opening text to spark viewer interest.

2.  Subsequent Visuals & Text That Create Desire

Subsequent visuals reinforces the opening visual.  These visuals should show the major components of the home.  At minimum, these are usually visuals of the bathroom(s), kitchen, living room and bedroom(s).  After that, unique benefits and home extras should be included like its neighbourhood, location, yard, patio, amenities, schools, views, recent renovations, high end finishes or brands where applicable.

The texts that go with these visuals should factually describe each visual’s benefits to the homeowner (e.g. for the image of a kitchen: “Kitchen with a spacious granite countertop island, perfect for entertaining in.”).

As the same time, where possible, the text should also paint in the viewers’ mind of how they could enjoy the home and/or neighbourhood because of these benefits.  This creates an emotional connection with the viewer that only video with text (and voice over) can, and why video leads to greater engagement.  For example:

  • “the designer kitchen is perfect for the budding chef and for entertaining”;
  • “this room can be your place to curl up with a good book or quiet contemplation watching stunning views from your home.”;
  • “enjoy scenic walks in the nearby park that’s just minutes from this home”, etc.

2a.  Offer an Incentive (Where It’s Allowed) to Also Create Desire

After showing the listings’ main benefit, where it’s permitted in your real estate area, consider offering an incentive to get potential home buyers to act.  They may be sitting on the fence, offering a small incentive can nudge them to contact you.  The incentive doesn’t have to be extravagant just something of enough value that prompts them to act.

2b.  Background Music for Your Real Estate Listing Video: Set a “Homey” Mood

Background music sets the mood for your video.  In the case of real estate listing videos, what you’re looking for background music that’s mellow, inspirational or cinematic that best fits with your listing.  It should not distract attention from the visuals and text.  Here are some sites where you can find such music, free and pay, to go with your real estate listing videos:

2c.  Optional: Add Voice Over

Although not necessary, consider adding a voice over that reads out the text on your real estate listing visuals.  Voice overs can make videos more engaging to the viewer.  You can hire a voice actor or do it yourself.  If you do it yourself, this can make your videos feel more authentic and personal to the viewer as you’re the realtor behind  the listing.

3. Have a Strong Call to Action

Finally, close the video with a strong call to action (e.g. “Call now for a a priority viewing or get further information on this rare listing.  Contact…”) with several ways home buyers can contact you. at least phone and email.

Also, imply scarcity in your call to action.  For example, if you’ve scheduled open house times, you could list these times before your call to action and then show call to action right after to prompt viewers to contact you for a priority showing ahead of the open house times.

Where applicable, the last frame of your video should include any acknowledgements from using any copyrighted material in your video to avoid copyright infringement.

Now you’re ready to feature your real estate listing video on your realtor website and on your social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. with real estate hashtags to get found: #[your neighbourhood], #justsold, #justlisted, #[brokeragename], #openhouse, #househunting, # local amenites by the listing: #[restaurant], #[coffeshop], #propertyvideo, #realestatevideo, etc.

An Example Real Estate Listing Video

In closing, make your real estate video engaging by following the above points.  By following them, you’ll make  real estate listing videos that engage by creating AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), an old advertising maxim, to home buyers who view your video.

To see the above points in action, watch how this example real listing video puts them into practise:


Have I overlooked anything on how to create a good real estate listing video that you’d like to share? What about drone footage?  You’re welcome to share it below under Leave a Reply.  Your comments, questions or suggestions are welcome.  Let’s share information together.


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