Written by Phil Chow

Do you attend business networking events to market your business?

I do.  One thing I found to maximize my engagement at these events is to bring along my tablet.

How a tablet can help you at networking events

How’s that?  With my tablet, I can tell and show people at the same time how my business can help them.  I find people “get” my business message better because they’ve not only listened to it, but also seen it reinforced on my tablet as well.  Often they ask for my business card as a result.

I’m surprised that more people don’t bring a tablet to networking events.  Often times, I am the only one with a tablet.  I’m sure this will change as people realize tablets are excellent demonstration devices.  You can easily show your website,  videos, portfolio, Powerpoint presentations, etc. on a tablet.  So next time try bringing your tablet along to your next networking event.  You may find that it’s an effective communicator, like I have.

Frame your business message to helping people

To maximize your business message’s effectiveness, remember to frame your message in terms of how you help people, not what your business does, keep your demonstrations on your tablet short and give away advice for free.   Otherwise, people will not be receptive to your message regardless of whether you also show it on a tablet, if the message is about you, and not about them.

Buying a tablet for networking events

If you will be buying a tablet for these events, I’d recommend you buy one with SIM card capability.  Tablets that come with this feature are more expensive, but they are worth it as you can then connect to the Internet from practically anywhere without having to be in a wireless hotspot.   Not every networking event you attend will have a hotspot.

At time of writing this, most carriers’ Internet data plans for a tablet in Canada start at $10.00 per month  for up to 100 Mb of data (roughly up to 507 page views), so the cost of these plans are fairly reasonable.

What are your thoughts on using a tablet on your next networking event?   If you have any comments or questions, please reply below.  We welcome and appreciate your feedback!


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