Recently, a client of mine asked me for one free thing he could do to improve his Google search ranking.

His website currently ranks on page one for his main keyword phrase, but he wants to rank higher on another phrase where he’s currently on page two.

Note: My following answer to him assumes his website is search engine optimized on specific keyword phrases in his site’s title tags, content and headers that people most likely searching on to find his business. He’s currently not blogging, another way to improve your Google search ranking (“I’m a handyman. I don’t have time to blog.”).:

List on Google My Business

I replied the one thing he could do to improve his website’s search ranking in Google is to claim his Google My Business Listing.

That way you’re verifying to Google your business information that searchers typically want to know about (business hours, address, phone number, etc.). Google can then give them that information.

In his local handyman market, it appears most of his competitors haven’t claimed their Google My Business Listing. This then, represents a great opportunity for him to gain an upper hand over his competitors.

Here’s the Google My Business link to start claiming your listing. It’s free and easy to do. Just follow Google’s prompts to claim your listing at

A tip to optimize your Google My Business listing and thus your Google search ranking: fill it out as fully as possible, especially:

  • maximize the number of pictures of your business
  • choose the right or closest category that best represents your business and
  • include keyword phrases that your website is optimized for in the description section of your listing.

Next, Start Collecting Google Reviews to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

Once Google verifies your Google My Business listing (You must prove to Google that you’re the actual owner of a business to be listed), get customers to leave reviews of your business.

After each sale, give customers a link to your listing. Ask them to review you by clicking on the “write a review” button on your listing. Their reviews will further improve your Google search ranking.

Once you have 5 or more reviews, Google may start showing your listing with the average number of Google Five Stars you have. See the listings for the search phrase “Richmond Dentist” for an example of this:

Google Maps Listing | Noticedwebsites
Notice that the listings that have Google Five Star reviews stand out from the ones that don’t. Which listing will you most likely click on?

With your 5 or more reviews, especially if you have a lot more than your competitors, people will then likely click on your listing to visit your website. Google will also start to rank you higher in its search results because you’re regularly adding reviews.

As an aside, get as many reviews across different reviews sites like Facebook, Yelp, etc. will further improve your Google search ranking. I offer a convenient way to collect and maximize your reviews across review sites and auto list testimonials on your website that shows your business is known, liked and trusted.

Get on Google Maps to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

Get a significant number of (positive) reviews via your Google My Business Listing and you could even show up on Google Maps. This could especially be the case if you also list your business on other directories, in addition to Google My Business.

Getting on Google Maps means greater visibility. Your business is featured on Google’s page one in Google’s highly visible maps section. Achieving this will drive more click throughs to your website and thus more clients for you! See the video below for a summary of some of the points made in this article:

What are your thoughts on this post? If you have any comments or questions, please write them below. We welcome and appreciate your opinions.

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