by Phil Chow

I used to regularly sell on eBay and in the process, learned a lot about selling online.

Rather than let this information go to waste (I no longer sell regularly online), I thought I’d list the following resources that I found most helpful in starting up an ecommerce business.

These resources are free or cost little and can be used to either complement your main business (e.g. sell dog supplies if you run a dog walking business) or start an ecommerce business as your main focus even if you don’t know where to start.

1. Ecommerce Product Sourcing

Okay, you have no idea of what to sell and wholesalers will not talk to you.  No worries!  Here are three product sourcing resources:

Aliexpress Home Page

Top Ten Wholesale Home Page

Canadian Merchandiser Home Page


2. Product Research

Of course, you only want to carry products that sell well online.   So, how to you determine this? is a product research tool that can tell you if a given product sold well on Amazon and eBay, which also indicates it could sell well online in general.


3. Ecommerce Selling Tools

Cashie Commerce is an ecommerce selling tool add-on for various web publishing platforms, like WordPress.  It enables websites to sell products online. It integrates with PayPal so that you can take payment whenever someone buys your product(s) online. 

The websites we design at NoticedWebsites, by default, have the ability to sell products online at any time in the future just by installing the Cashie Commerce “app” or plugin to it. If you would like to find out more, contact us via the form below.

Shopify is another ecommerce Tool.  It has many features and because of its shopping cart features, is ideal if you are selling many products online.  Its DIY online software that enables you to build an eCommerce based website from scratch.


4. Ecommerce Selling Platforms

Besides selling your products from your website, you can also sell your products on the two most popular ecommerce websites, Amazon & eBay and take advantage of their huge visitor traffic.

Amazon Reseller Page

Sell your products on Amazon

eBay Home Page


5. Ecommerce Resources

Finally, here are two good cCommerce resources to refer to for the latest news, training, resources, product sourcing leads, etc. on ecommerce in general and on eBay and Amazon, especially on Skip McGrath’s website.  Skip McGrath is a successful seller on eBay and Amazon.

Skip Mcgrath Home Page

eCommerceBytes Home Page

What are your thoughts on this post? If you have any comments or questions, please write below. We welcome and appreciate your feedback! Free consultation is also available if you like to talk in detail about this or any other web-related subject.

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