Disclaimer: I mention several tools in this article to make your spokesperson videos easier.  These are tools I personally use or they are well reviewed, so have included some as affiliate links I endorse. I receive a small commission from these links if you click through to view the tool and later decide to buy the tool. Note these tools are entirely optional.

People prefer watching video over reading text. We learn, are entertained, understand and remember information better if it’s presented on video.

As a result, Google, Instagram, Facebook—all social media now—tend to favour video in its search results and feeds.

If you’re the face of your business, like a realtor, coach, etc., especially consider doing spokesperson videos—with you as the spokesperson. People trust businesses more when they see the actual owner on camera.

Yes, creating a spokesperson video can be daunting and what about not wanting to look like a fool in front of the camera?

It doesn’t have to be. Here’s how you can easily create your own spokesperson videos—and look good in them with this easy-to-setup video studio hack and teleprompter software:


Setting Up Your Video Studio


Equipment Without Breaking the Bank

An example spokesperson video studio setup.Just layout your laptop as shown with a light source behind the webcam pointing towards you.

Any light source will work, but I’d recommend getting a ring light like the UBeesize Ring Light, or a clip on light like the Diyife Selfie Light. The latter because it can be used to make spokesperson videos on your smartphone as well (see a future post on how to shoot spokesperson video on your smartphone). The big plus is you can adjust these lights’ brightness and warmness to make you look just right.

As for your webcam, if you find you look too close up, try an external web cam like the Logitech C920 webcam.  External webcams have a wider viewing angle. This may give you a more flattering appearance.

An external mic is optional, but if your laptop’s mic’s recording quality is bad, try an external mic like the Blue Snowball Mic. Its price does not break the bank.

Camera Height

Adjust the height of your laptop so that your eyes line up with your webcam.  This makes it easier to read your script as it scrolls upwards to the top quarter of the screen while you look at the webcam for eye contact.

Alternatively, you may find connecting an external webcam and placing it on the the bottom of your screen or onto a small tripod also placed at the bottom of  the screen works better.  Under this setup, just look at and read your script and it’ll appear like you are looking at the webcam by default.   

To get your laptop at your height, depending on whether you’re standing or sitting while shooting your spokesperson videos, you may need to improvise with a step ladder, books, crates, etc.

Buying a standing desk and adjusting its height can also be another way to get your laptop at the right height for you. Standing desks like the Certified Data Standing Desk are pricey, but at least they’re healthier for you than sitting desks.


What Should You Talk About in Your Videos?

Another look of a spokesperson videos studio setup.Basically anything that answers what people are searching for on Google related to your industry. Answering their search questions increases the likelihood that your spokesperson videos get found.

This means topics that would interest your potential customers.  Topics could include new product or service announcements, how to tips related to your business, special offers, behind the scenes of your business, explaining something related to your business, etc.

Whatever your topics are, make sure they provide value to potential customers and position you as the expert in your field.

Have an 70-80% mix of spokesperson videos that educate your customers with the remaining videos promoting your business. Include a call to action for people to contact you on all your videos.


Shooting Your Spokesperson Videos

Now type Teleprompt.me, a free app, into your Chrome browser & type in your video script there.

You can easily record from your webcam by following the setup pictures in this link: https://www.wikihow.tech/Record-from-a-Webcam

The Teleprompt app is voice activated. Unlike most teleprompters, it does not autoscroll so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with a scrolling script. Your script only scrolls when you talk, so just talk naturally and the app will adjust to you, making you sound and look natural on camera!

Face the laptop and look at the middle of the screen to read your script. Breathe and use open body language while talking will increase your trustworthiness as this video suggests:

Do a couple of practise takes and you’ll soon get the hang of reading your script out loud, naturally, when you do your takes for real and select the best one.

Note the background behind you should be plain or not too busy so it doesn’t look like you have anything sticking out of your head in your video!  Also, stand several feet away from your background so that you don’t look too flat with the background behind you.


Great For Live Streaming Too!

This spokesperson video studio setup is also great for doing live streaming. Boost your video marketing by live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.; most social media platforms prioritize live video in their feeds.  You can also download your live stream afterwards to post on the same channel and on your other social media.


Add Music to your Spokesperson Videos

This is optional, but including background music to your videos is a nice touch, especially if your spokesperson videos run long.

It’s easy to do add background music to your videos. Once you’ve downloaded your video, import it into iMovie on a Mac or Moviemaker on Windows. Both have preloaded music.  Sample the music and select the one you want to add to your video and adjust the music’s volume for background.

if you don’t like the preloaded music, try a royalty free music site like Free-Stock-Music.net.  The following video demonstrates how to do add music on a Mac; it’s similar on Windows:

Making Video Thumbnails

Finally, a video thumbnail with text helps attract people to your spokesperson videos, so I recommend making them.  But you’re not a graphic designer?  No problem because with this tool, Picmaker, you can create your own standout thumbnails of your videos without any graphic knowledge at all as their short video shows:

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s easy to setup your own video studio and be your own spokesperson on video.

Now that you know how to, all you have to do is consistently produce and upload your spokesperson videos to all your social media channels to extend your reach online to generate leads!

I hope you found this article inspires you to regularly make your own spokesperson videos. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a reply below. I welcome your questions and comments and will reply to them.

If you need content ideas for your spokesperson videos, I can send a free list of content ideas related to your industry to you. These ideas match what people search for on Google so this will increase the chances of your videos and business being found online. If interested, contact me via Contact Us/Find Us on this page or comment below for followup.

Also, if you find this article helpful and know someone who would benefit from it, please share it. I appreciate it and thank you for reading this article to the very end. I wish you the best in creating your own spokesperson videos.

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