What are Internet Memes?

Internet memes example | NoticedwebsitesInternet memes are background images with text superimposed on top of them. The text can be a profound idea, tip, quote or saying that the image reflects or frames.

Internet memes are another form of social content, like articles, videos, infographics and links. They can be posted on your blog and on any of your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

If visitors to your blog and social media find your memes engaging, they will more likely share, comment or like them to their social network, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility.

Hence, you should make your Internet memes inspirational, funny, cute, useful, etc. to maximize the chances that they will shared, commented or liked by your visitors.


Here’s a great Internet memes generator that will help do this for you. The tool is Pablo (opens in a new window). It’s made by Buffer (opens in a new window), a paid social media posting service, but you don’t have to use it with Buffer.

Pablo is easy to use and best of all it’s free! Just follow the steps below to create your own memes in seconds:

  1. Choose a template
  2. Set your social media image sizing
  3. Search and choose from 600k+ background images or upload your own
  4. Set where you want the text to go
  5. Type in your text and style it (choose your font, colour, sizing, etc.)
  6. (Optional) Set a background image filter and then
  7. Share your newly created meme with your social media or download your meme.

Pablo's Internet Memes Generator Dashboard | Noticedwebsites

The Pablo Chrome Extension

There’s more to Pablo though. It also comes as a Google Chrome Extension. Add this extension to your Chrome Browser and you can literally generate Internet memes on-the-fly as you surf the web.

To install the Pablo Chrome Extension, click on Pablo’s logo down arrow (opens in a new window) in the upper left hand corner of Pablo and follow the prompts.

With this extension installed, save any interesting text or image you come across by right clicking and choosing Pablo to instantly make a meme out of it! Be sure to credit the source of the image and text in Pablo where applicable.

Here’s a detailed video that shows all of Pablo’s features, including some that I did not mention:

As you can see, with Pablo, you now have an additional tool to generate social media content for your blog and social media channels, along with creating videos and infographics, writing articles and curating links, that’ll drive engagement to your business.
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