Business profile video script template | Video on computer screenIf you don’t have any videos of your business yet, the first video you should make is a business profile video. As the name suggests, it’s a video that introduces your business to potential customers.

Business Profile Video Script Template

The first step to create your business profile video, or any video for that matter, is to write a script for it. Decide what you want to say in your video before making it. This ensures that the points you want to make in your video comes across.

But what if you don’t know what points you want to make in your business profile video?

Here’s a business profile video script template that helps with that. The business profile video script template asks you questions about your business. Answer the following questions below and you’ll quickly create a video script of your business profile in the process:

  • What motivated you to start your business? Make a story out of it to create an emotional hook for your audience. Is there a personal story or interesting anecdote that inspired you to start your business?
  • What expertise you have that qualifies your business?
  • What your business solves.
  • Why people should do business with you (e.g. Is it your guarantee, quality, service, turnaround time, etc.)? and finally,
  • a call to action: make a special offer, if you can. At least ask them to contact you and give them several ways to do this (i.e., list your phone, website, email, your social media in your video).

The questions in this business profile video script template are by no means definitive. Feel free to add your own answers to questions that you think your customers want answered, or skip some of the questions in the template. The intent of these questions, and your questions, should be to show potential customers that they can trust doing business with you over others.

Once you’ve created your business profile video script, edit it for brevity, make it understandable to your target audience, and make it conversational. Editing your script down to roughly 150 words gives about a minute of video depending how long you want your video to be. Once editing is done, your next step is to gather content for your video.

Video Content for Your Business Profile Video Script

Ideally, the video content you should gather are:

  • at least one good image of your storefront;
  • at least one good image of your business’ interior, if customers comes into your shop;
  • at least one good image of your company vehicle, if you go to your customers;
  • a headshot of you, the business owner;
  • images of your staff working/serving your customers;
  • images of your customers using/enjoying your goods and services and
  • any other images you think of that fit your business profile video.

Gathering Video Content for Your Business Profile Video Script

Gather these images by shooting videos clips or taking pictures of them. Take many pictures and videos clips so that you can select the best ones for your business profile video.

If you need more images to for your video, search for unlimited images and graphics of your industry using Graphic Stock (affiliate link) for a reasonable $99 USD per year or try Pixabay for only images.

Creating Your Business Profile Video

After you’ve selected your final images, edit them together in the order above (storefront, business interior, etc.) with enough images that synch with your edited business profit video script.

The shorter your video is, the better. Make your video as short as possible while still getting your points across and to maintain peoples’ interest in your video. A video of up to a minute and a half long should be adequate for most business profile videos.

Make Other Types of Videos to Complement your Business Profile Video

After you’ve created your business profile video, create other types of video to complement it. Together with your business profile video, occasionally adding other types of videos helps market your business continuously. The other types of video you can make are:

  • occasional videos highlighting/demo your product or service and their benefits to customers;
  • occasional how-to problem-solution or process walk through videos that demonstrates your industry knowledge and expertise;
  • occasional most recent customer testimonials videos; and
  • occasional promotional videos of your specials and/or events.

Occasionally adding other videos gives potential customers reasons to revisit your business online, see you as a resource for knowledge and keeps you in mind when they’re ready to buy. This also builds trust, engagement and rapport in your business, increasing the likelihood that they will eventually buy from you.

Create an YouTube channel and upload your videos there. You now have a channel to market your videos through YouTube, the second most popular search engine after Google.

Also, add videos to your website’s blog or to a video page (example here). Visitors to your website will have something to watch for entertainment, knowledge right on your site and get to know you better. As a result, they will stay on your site longer.

There you have it, a quick and easy way to create a business profile video script of your business that you can then use to create your video.
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