YouTube reports mobile video consumptions rises 100% every year. (, Must Know Stats About Video Marketing, 2016)
“Facebook will be mostly video in 5 years.” (Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder & CEO, quoted in Facebook’s Community Hall Meeting, Nov 6, 2014).
After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. (, Must Know Stats About Video Marketing, 2016)
Including video on a landing page increases conversion by 80%. (, Most Know Stats About Video Marketing, 2016)

Why Video?

People prefer watching video over reading text. We learn, are entertained and understand information better if it’s presented in a video.

With the explosion of smartphones, we’re watching web video more than ever before while-on-the-go, including watching business related videos as part of our buying decision process.  As a result, Google and Facebook (opens in a new window) favours video in its search algorithms.

Given this, consider having videos of your business produced on the web to better reach and market to potential customers. Still, creating  videos can be daunting to most businesses.

Web Video Production Now Made Easy

Daunting, taken care of.

1. Tell us what you want to say in your video

Write out what you want said on your video and email it and any optional images to us. You can also send us your voice over if you like.

2. A video is created for your feedback.

A video is created for you with or without voice over and background music based on your script and images.

3. Let us know what you want changed in your video.

We’ll edit your video as per your feedback, subject to a maximum number of edits.

4. Approve your video once you like it.

Your video can be finished in as little as a week and uploaded to YouTube, your website & social media. Congratulations! You now have a first of many videos to market your business with.

Ways To Market Your Business With Videos

You're only limited by your imagination as to the types of videos to market your business with.

Sales Videos

Show what your business is about, your uniqueness and offers and how you help customers.

Testimonial Videos

Show social proof that your business comes highly recommended and therefore, can be trusted.

Educational Videos

Establish you’re the authority with how to, training or course videos that shows off your expertise and knowledge.

Product/Service Videos

Demo your products or services so customers can see how your products/services benefits them or solves their pain points.

FREE Square Lead Gen Video For You

Get your first video FREE.  We’ll create a video roughly 30 seconds long (400  characters, includes spaces), a $197 value, generating leads for you!

We’ll add your contact info and any images and text you supply to your free video. Note, though optional, we recommend including an irresistible offer in your video to best maximize your chances of getting customers to contact you.

See some examples of free lead generation videos below, some with or without an offer. We have generic videos for many types of businesses like roofer, home services, etc. customizable for any given business. We’ll email you the appropriate lead generation video for your business and edit it to your specifications, subject to a maximum of edits.

Optional upgrades are available for your lead generation video. Add an animated intro; voice over; make your video run longer to really get your unique selling proposition across; your company watermark; and/or remove the “” logo.  If interested, please contact us below for each upgrade’s pricing.

Custom Video Package

Get a custom video that markets your business or practice made for you. Custom videos start at $297 $249 Canadian* for up to 3 minutes.

Your custom video can be any type of video; for example, profile, sales, informational, customer testimonial videos, etc.  Your video includes images, ad copy, background music, movie effects, call to action and your contact information, etc.

Upgrades are also available for your custom video.  Add an animated intro; voice over; make your video run longer to really get your unique selling proposition across; your company watermark; change the background music; and/or remove the last “Designed by” slide.  If interested, please contact us below for each upgrade’s pricing.

Monthly Blogging & Web Video Plan

This plan provides the best value.  Combine a blog article with two ‘highlight’ videos based on the article included, starting from only $59!*.

With the options in this plan, add a blog and vlog to your website.  Use the videos in this plan’s options to start video marketing of your business on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.   Expand your business’ reach on these well known social media channels. 

Videos combined with blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website.  Further videos are only $30 each per minute, so that you can scale up your video marketing for increased sales.

Visit our Content Marketing Page (opens in a new window) for full details.

*Note: Pay in US dollars and get approximately 20% off the Canadian price depending on the current rate of exchange.

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