YouTube reports mobile video consumptions rises 100% every year. (Invisia.com, Must Know Stats About Video Marketing, 2016)
“Facebook will be mostly video in 5 years.” (Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder & CEO, quoted in Facebook’s Community Hall Meeting, Nov 6, 2014).
After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. (Invisia.com, Must Know Stats About Video Marketing, 2016)
Including video on a landing page increases conversion by 80%. (Invisia.com, Most Know Stats About Video Marketing, 2016)

Why Video?

People prefer watching video over reading text. We learn, are entertained and retain information better if it’s on a video.

With the explosion of smartphones, we’re watching web video more than ever before while-on-the-go, including watching business related videos as part of our buying decision process.  As a result, Google and Facebook (opens in a new window) favours video in its search algorithms.

Given this, consider having videos of your business on the web to better reach and market to potential customers. Still, creating  videos can be daunting to most businesses.

Web Video Production Now Made Easy

Daunting, taken care of.

1. Tell us what you want to say in your video

Write out what you want said on your video and email it and any optional images to us. You can also send us your voice over if you like.

2. A video is created for your feedback.

A video is created for you with or without voice over and background music based on your script and images.

3. Let us know what you want changed in your video.

We’ll edit your video as per your feedback, subject to a maximum number of edits.

4. Approve your video once you like it.

Your video can be finished in as little as a week and uploaded to YouTube, your website & social media. Congratulations! You now have a first of many videos to market your business with.

Ways To Market Your Business With Videos

You're only limited by your imagination as to the types of videos to market your business with.

Profile/Introduction Videos

Show what your business is about and how you help your customers.

Testimonial Videos

Show social proof that your business is known, liked and can therefore be trusted.

How To/Information Videos

Establish you’re the authority with videos that show your industry knowledge and expertise.

Product/Service Videos

Show potential customers how your products or services benefit them or solves their problem, etc.

Basic Video Offer

We’ll create a basic video for only $97 Canadian! Price includes text and background music.  An example of basic videos are the first two videos shown below, the soccer goal & sample videos in the Basic and Advanced Videos  Section.

Just provide us with images of your business, products, services, what text you’d like on it and we’ll create your video with your call to action contact information. You can then place your basic video on your website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to better market your business.

**Note: Pay in US dollars and get approximately 20% off the Canadian price depending on the current rate of exchange!

Advanced Videos

These videos start at $197 Canadian (roughly a 100 word script) for up to 60 seconds.  They include:

  • We supply the images and script for you (or you can supply your own)
  • Background music
  • Movie effects (i.e. Panning)
  • Call to action.

Voice over, video clips, animated logo intros and outros, a longer script are extra.   After 60 seconds, your video incrementally goes up on price on a sliding scale the longer your video is. Contact us today and let us know how long you want your video to be and we’ll provide you with a firm price.

Basic and Advanced Videos Examples

We're happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to do so by:

1) share them at Facebook.com/Noticedwebsites or
2) contact us, cell or text at (604) 417-1020; if outside Vancouver, call 1-800-832-1267 or
3) submit your questions, comments, etc. to our contact form for a prompt reply.


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