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HappyPawsDogWalking.ca is a website that I designed for our client, Catherine.

I came up with HappyPawsDogWalking’s web design after Catherine told me what she wanted to see in it.  For example, she wanted green to be the main colour in HappyPawsDogWalking, so I created a colour scheme that features green with complementary colours that makes her website stand out.

Catherine’s website has many web design features.  It has testimonials, about us, contact, find us and blog pages that answers common questions prospective customers have when visiting her website.

It’s easy to navigate and has a call to action on the home page to prompt people to contact her and “find us” and “contact” links on every other page.

As many of her customer’s first language is not English, it can also be read in just about any language.

Her website is also mobile friendly on any mobile device from ten inch tablets to the smallest smartphones. It also has a slide show on the home page that communicates the benefits of doing business with HappyPawsDogWalking.

Increasing HappyPawsDogWalking’s Search Ranking

HappyPawsDogWalking is also search engine optimized (SEO) for local searches (key word permalinks, a local map, etc.).  Although HappyPawsDogWalking is optimized, SEO is not the sole factor search engines look at in ranking a local small business website nowadays.  Other factors they consider include customer reviews, local citations, having a site map and social media connections, etc.  Therefore, I showed Catherine:

  • a way to maximize reviews for her website (will discuss this in greater detail in a future blog post);
  • will be giving her a list of citation websites that she can register her website on (developing an app for this);
  • to blog regularly about topics related to her services and dogs in general as this shows her knowledge as a dog expert, which will help sell her services;
  • added a Google XML site map to her website to increase its findability to Google;
  • and talked about social media strategies with her.

Doing these steps will help her website rank high on the search engines than just relying on SEO alone.

It was fun working with Catherine.  She supplied great copy, ideas, and images that I incorporated into her website design, so be sure to check HappyPawsDogwalking.ca out and tell her Phil sent you!

What are your thoughts on this post? If you have any comments or questions, please reply below. We welcome and appreciate your feedback!

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