Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing opportunity for businesses

Social media is about posting information to virtual communities and networks.

Social media marketing is about businesses posting information to current and potential customers on social media platforms to ultimately, increase sales.

As many people are on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to name a few, businesses need to be on them as well. By joining, businesses can then market themselves by posting information about their business to target customers at little or no cost.

Posting content on social media is easy. The trick though is determining what types of content businesses should post to target customers that gets them to share with their friends and followers?  The answer: post engaging visual content.

Social media marketing: social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing: Post Engaging Visual Content

Posting engaging visual content means posting information relevant to your business that’s of interest to your customers in a visual format.

People are visual creatures. Your target customers are more likely to engage with your posts if they’re visual. By engaging, they spread word-of-mouth about your business online, increasing followers to your business.

In practical terms, post these types of visual content, 80% of the time:

  • How to or handy tip posts that people find useful or educational
  • Customer testimonial posts
  • Posts of quotes that inspires or resonates with people
  • Contest posts for prize giveaways
  • Survey posts that asks a question
  • Multiple choice posts that asks a question with options
  • Posts that people find funny, “cute”, emotional or entertaining
  • Posts about your business. This could be about your events, news, accomplishments, staff, behind the scenes, fun, milestones, causes, values, etc.

Once people like, comment, share your posts, you can then occasionally post your your promotions, offers, coupons, exclusives to your followers, etc. the reminding 20% of the time. At that point, they will more likely act on your posted sales, offers and coupons than otherwise would with no prior engagement.

Creating Engaging Visual Content

To post visual content, create videos or images with text on them.  You can create videos from your smartphone or create video slideshows on Powerpoint. 

For text images, take pictures of your business or source pictures that evoke emotions from a stock photo site and then add text on to them by using a photo editing software.

However, creating engaging visual content can be time consuming, especially if you’re inexperienced in this area, and you’re already busy running your business.  Why not let Noticedwebsites handle this additional task for you?

Our Social Media Marketing Service: Visual Content Creation and Curation

Let us come up with ideas of interest that’ll engage target customers to you.

Using these ideas, we can create graphics and or videos and source trending articles and engaging images for you to post on social media on a regular basis. These posts will lead to more likes, shares, comments, brand awareness and followers to your business over time that you can then convert into sales with your promotions.

Check out some of our created example graphics and videos and then contact us below for your free no obligation social media marketing consult today.

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