There’s an app for that…and now there’s one for your business

Nowadays more people go online from their mobile devices than from their desktop PCs (opens in a new window). This has huge implications for businesses as this Google video shows.

Mobile Apps For Business Benefits

The rise of the mobile web makes mobile business apps an especially good marketing tool to engage customers.

Your customers are constantly on their mobile devices, taking them everywhere. If they have a mobile app of your business on their smartphone or tablet, they can then interact with you on your app at anytime. Likewise, you can engage with them from the app.  How can you engage with them? Here are some of the 40 features that a mobile business app can bring to your business (New: Restaurant reservation and delivery features are now available!).

Mobile business apps features | Noticedwebsites
Mad Chocolate mobile business app | Noticedwebsites

Examples of Mobile Business Apps Built On Our Platform

What business needs a mobile business app? Any business — including nightclubs, non profits, events, artists, musicians and conferences. Click on the apps’ icons and app stores below to see some examples:

Compac's app icon | Noticedwebsites
Solar Music's app icon | Noticedwebsites
Yacht's app icon | Noticedwebsites
Pure Madness App Icon | Noticedwebsites
Google Play Store Icon | Noticedwebsites
Apple AppStore Icon | Noticedwebsites

How Much Does a Mobile Business App Cost?

It used to cost ten of thousands to build an custom app that only big companies could afford one.

Not anymore. We will design a mobile business app with four features for you for FREE, ordinarily an $700 Canadian value! The only thing you pay is an $40 Canadian introductory hosting fee for 38 days (includes wait time for Apple or Android to approve your app) to try the app out. Cancel before 38 days and pay nothing further. **Note: Pay in US dollars and get approximately 20% off the quoted price depending on the current rate of exchange!

Your free setup and design includes:

  • your choice of Android OR Apple versions of your app or $99 Canadian if you’d like both versions.
  • marketing tools to let people know you have an app and to download it to their mobile devices
  • designing the look and feel of your app
  • creating your business app features
  • apply to have your app listed on Google Play and/or Apple iTunes App Stores.
    (NOTE: App stores decides what apps get listed so we do not guarantee placement.)
  • Google Play and/or Apple iTunes App Stores links to your app to place on your website.

After 38 days, pay only $60 Canadian every 30 days for DIY managing your app, or $80 Canadian every 30 days for us to manage your app on your behalf.

You can also add extra features to your app for only $275 Canadian (50% down and 50% on completion) per feature as well. NOTE: some features have extra charges depending on the amount of data you want stored on them; for example, the number of products to be uploaded to the Products Feature).

Please note: the prices quoted above are introductory prices and may increase at anytime without notice.

**Note: Pay in US dollars and get 20% off the Canadian price depending on the current rate of exchange!

We’re happy to answer your questions, so please share them at or contact us at (604) 417-1020 or toll free outside Vancouver at 1-800-832-1267 or submit your questions/suggestions/comments to our contact form for a prompt reply.

If you’re ready to get your free mobile business app now, enter your name, phone, email—and website or Facebook address. We will then design a no obligation, working demo of your app for you to try out. Here’s the Apple Mobile Design Previewer or Android Mobile Design Previewer to download to your mobile device to view your demo app.


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