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QR Code stand for "Quick Response" code. It's an 2D code that can hold any information like text, website addresses, photos, maps, etc.

What Can QR Codes Be Used For?

A QR code generator creates QR codes that can be put on anything from print (flyers, posters, billboards, business cards, etc.) to clothing, to websites, and can even be a tattoo. Mobile devices scan QR codes and instantly display the information contained on the codes onto their screens. This makes QR codes a very versatile marketing tool.

QR codes can be used to market your:

  • products
  • contact information
  • coupons
  • basically any information that can be digitized (map of your location, videos, social media, website links, PayPal Buy Now button, etc.).

to name a few uses.

QR code of
Scanning business info from a QR code onto a smartphone | Noticedwebsites

Your Free QR Code Generator

Here’s a free QR Code Generator to market your business directly to people on their mobile devices.  This free QR code generator creates basic QR codes suitable for your business’ marketing needs.

Just enter your link, create your QR code, and then download it to add to your website, business cards, marketing materials, etc.


How to Market Your Business With QR Codes

As mentioned above, mobile devices can instantly display information contained in a QR code onto their screens. This means that what ever information you intent to be displayed should be easy read on smartphones and tablets or you defeat the very reason of using QR codes to market your business.

As well, most people will not scan your QR code unless it’s worth their while. Give them a reason to by having information of value on your code that will entice them to take out their mobile device to scan your codes. Examples of value could be a link to your specials, menu, testimonials, contact information, video, location, download your app, website, etc. Point out this value with text by the QR code like “scan this QR code to download your free report” for example.

Here’s a video that will give you further ideas on how you might use QR codes to market your business:

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