Custom Website Design

Some of the many types of custom website designs that we can design for you. From clean, minimalist designs to colourful funky ones.

Why Let NoticedWebsites Design a Custom Website for You?

Besides many other advantages with us, you get a custom website that:

  • looks great, conveys your business, organization or person as professional and trustworthy and generates leads for you
  • is search engine engine optimized for Google, Bing, etc.
  • is secure so that Google does not penalize your website in its search rankings as not secure
  • is mobile friendly, displays well on smartphones and tablets
  • comes with many optional features to customize your website like:
    – Google map embed
    – social media buttons
    – streaming review widget
    – alerts (popups, notification bars of your latest special offers, etc.)
    – video that introduces your business & more.

Most of these features are free though some may have an extra or recurring charge to them depending on the feature chosen, like chatbot setup.  Note: Websites have ongoing costs that you will need to budget for.  These are:
1) a monthly charge to host a website on the Internet and
2) a yearly charge to renew your domain name, typically $15 per year.

Other than renewing your domain name, we can host, update and backup your website for a low monthly cost.


Basic Website Starter Package

This package comes with everything you need for your business, organization or personal website.

It gives you four 5 custom designed web pages that answer what people typically look for in deciding whom to do business with:

  • an home page that introduces your business, products, services, testimonials, store hours, contact info, guarantees, etc.
  • an about us page of you, your business’ story, qualifications, etc.
  • a page describing each of your product or services’ customer benefits
  • a testimonials/reviews page or a page of your choice
  • a blog or FAQ page to increase your SEO or page of your choice.

for only $1597 $1297* Canadian, plus $32 monthly to securely host, update and regularly backup your website. 

Extra pages like portfolio, find us, contact, detailed product/service page of each of your products or services, etc. can be added at $160* Canadian per page.

Want to Add Ecommerce to Your Website?

Noticedwebsites also offers an ecommerce add on to your website.  Give customers the convenience of buying online 24/7 directly from your website and add an extra revenue stream to your business.  Please visit ecommerce for more information on this useful add on for your website.


One Page Website Starter Special From $797* Canadian

We also can design a custom one page website of up to five seven sections for you for only $997 $797* Canadian  plus $32 monthly to securely host and backup your website.  One page website presents all your business info (contact info, testimonials, offerings, etc.) onto one web page for easy scrolling, especially if your customers view your website primarily from a smartphone.  See as examples one page website designs that we can design for you.

*Note:  American buyers or paying in US dollars get roughly 20%+ discount, depending on the current rate of exchange.

Click to See Our Website Portfolio, Types of Websites We Can Do for You &
Info on Adding Ecommerce to Your Website:

Website portfolio
Website examples
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With the content (product pictures, description, etc.) supplied by you and your colour and design preferences, we will design your website to your satisfaction, subject to a maximum number of edits.

If for any reason you are not satisfied after two rounds of edits your website, we will refund your deposit on request. A 50% deposit is required when you hire us and final payment is due before your website goes live.

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